March 06, 2007

Til Gul (Sesame-Jaggery sweet)

The Indian tradition of exchanging sweets: Tilgul ghya god bola! (which means : "Eat some seasame-jaggery sweet and talk sweet")


Sesame seeds : 1 cup
Peanut powder : 1/2 cup
Khus khus (poppy seeds): 3 tablespoon
Jaggery : 1 1/2 cup
Clarified butter(Ghee) : 1 teaspoon

1. Roast the peanuts and grind them into a powder in a dry mixie
2. Roast sesame seeds and poppy seeds till light brown
3. Heat jaggery in a pan and add a teaspoon of water to melt the jaggery.
4. When jaggery melts, add in the sesame seeds, poppy seed and peanut powder and mix well.
5. Heat till the mixture becomes thick and slightly lumpy.
6. Add a teaspoon of ghee and mix well.
7. Pour the mixture on a greased plate and roll into an even layered sheet
8. Let the sheet cool for a little bit, and then cut it with a knife into squares or diamonds.
9. Leave to cool completely, and then store the til gul in a dry container.

- Vary the thickness of the mixture and the sheet as per your choice, for more or less crispy tilgul.


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